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Contract breach dispute resolution


What is a contract? A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties with mutual obligations,
which may or may not have elements in writing (this is definition of contract).

What is breach of contract? Breach of contract means failing to perform any term of a contract without a legitimate legal excuse (this is definition of breach of contract).

Aceattorney.International is a law firm engaged in out-of-court and judicial resolution of disputes arising from breach of commercial contracts. We offer range of experienced breach of contract attorneys and lawyers depending on the sort of the client's specific requirements and estimations. Contract lawyers, employment attorneys and hr lawyers are available for drawing reliable and enforceable contracts and agreements as well.

Contract breach cases comprise major load of the whole case load of courts of commercial arbitration. Breach of contract law is strong and well developed in diverse jurisdictions efficient to protect claimant's rights and interest.

Typical breach of contract judicial remedies are monetary damages, injunctions or specific performance. Preliminary injunction measures (property arrests, etc.) may be used in case of repudiatory breach of contract, material breach of contract or tortious breach of contract.

Aceattorney.International offers reliable and competent services pertinent to:

  • breach of contract defense;
  • calculation of contract breach remedies;
  • interrogatory discovery in breach of contract cases;
  • breach of contract claims;
  • employment contract breach expertise;
  • sample breach of contract complaints;
  • handling contract breach lawsuits;
  • advice on types of breach of contract;
  • drawing and serving breach of contract letters, demand letters;
  • advice on breach of verbal contract;
  • conducting breach of implied contract cases;
  • calculation of breach of contract damages;
  • breach of contract templates;
  • anticipatory breach of contract expertise;
  • breach of lease contract;
  • elaborating affirmative defenses to breach of contract;
  • implication of punitive damages breach of contract.


Examples of common and specific breach of contract cases are available at our extensive library for consideration and avoiding in commercial operations.

A breach of contract is a treatable matter better within the general limitation period of three years. Breach of contract lawsuit is better to avoid where means of amicable dispute resolution are available (negotiations, new co-operation schemes, taking control of the breaching party, etc.). Aceattorney.International offers qualified mediation services at such out-of-court activities. Suing for breach of contract is still the final option we recommend in case of contracts breach. Breach of contract is not yet a head injury or a brain injury where the case is duly treated in reasonable time.

Business law breach of contract is a typical practice for many corporations and institutions. Standard forms of demand letter for breach of contract, sample breach of contract letter and breach of contract templates are available for corporations facing considerable number of contract law breaches in the course of their operations.

Breach of contract attorneys fees are reasonable, starting from USD 50 for issue a notice of breach of contract or drawing and serving breach of contract letter, demand letter. Breached contract, case supporting documents (invoices, factures, delivery reports, etc.) and case synopsis should be better provided for prompt and useful reaction.

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